The Federal Government has extended the free school meal program, for kids 18 and younger, through the upcoming school year, across the United States.

All K-12 students are eligible to receive one free breakfast, and one free lunch, each day.

NOTE: families who complete a meal benefit application may qualify for additional support for food purchases outside of the school day. So, be sure to complete and submit a completed Educational Benefits application.

Parents often ask if my middle and high schooler is getting free meals, why am I being charged? Well, this is because they are making a la carte purchases that are not included with the free breakfast or lunch program. With that said, if students wish to purchase snacks or extra entrees, they must have funds in their family account to pay for them. Please have a conversation with your child/ children about your spending expectations, AND keep your family account funded for these additional purchases.

To access information about your “family meal account,” log into:, click “My Accounts” (if you have difficulty logging in, contact Jane Garnatz), then click “SmartSchoolK12.” (if you have difficulty at this point, contact Wordware at 1-800-934-2621). Once logged in, click on the knife/plate icon to access your account information.