Frequently Asked Questions for MEAL
programs associated with ISD #110:

  • What if I cannot get my credit card loaded or having issues updating a credit card number on my Wordware account? Call Wordware directly at 1-800-934-2621.
  • How do I get a “family key” in order to register my Wordware account? Call Wordware at 1-800-934-2621.
  • My students seem to be going through a lot of money.  How can I tell what they are eating?  Log into your family account; select “SmartSchoolK12” at the top of the page.
  • How can I tell what items my student is being charged for? Access your school menu from “ONLINE MENUS” at the top of this page. For example, select Waconia High School Menu, you will see a price list for all a la carte items on the right side of the menu. Or visit Café #110 Meal Prices
  • Can you put a limit on my student’s a la carte spending?  It is our practice to not set limits on student meal accounts – this is done because of the high demand for productivity on cashiers in our schools.
  • The Waconia School District has set a general notification setting at -$0.01, but I want to be notified when my family account reaches a different amount instead, how do I change this?  If you have a registered Wordware account: log into your Family Wordware account; click on “Family Accounts”; you will see a yellow “Add Funds” button on the left lower corner; underneath this yellow button, you will see “change notification settings”; click on “change notification settings” and choose your new settings or you can adjust the dollar amount at which you want to be notified here.
  • Why was my high school or middle school student offered an amended meal?  Once a family account reaches the maximum negative amount of -$25.00, high school and middle school students may be offered an amended meal. All transactions are deducted from your family account in real-time. This means that when the purchase occurs, money is immediately deducted from your family meal account.
  • If I make an online payment through Wordware, how long does it take for this to show up in my family Wordware account?
    Deposits typically take only a few minutes to show up in the family account.
  • How can I make a payment to my family lunch account? You can make a payment by 1) establishing an online Wordware account and making a payment online via credit card; 2) send cash or check in with your student (they can hand this to the cashier).  Please make sure the student’s name/ID number is on the check.  3) stop by your student’s school office and give payment to the secretary.
  • I am interested in applying for a free/reduced meal application for my family, how can I do this? Select and download the most current application by visiting Free & Reduced Meals.
  • What is considered a reimbursable lunch? A reimbursable lunch must consist of at least three of the five components (protein, grain, dairy, fruit, vegetable) and one of the three components MUST be a fruit or vegetable.
  • My family receives free/reduced meals, but my student got charged for his/her lunch, why? A free/reduced reimbursable meal must have at least three of five components (protein, grain, dairy, fruit, vegetable) and one of the three components MUST be a serving of a fruit or vegetable.  More than likely; your student did not choose a fruit and/or vegetable with their meal and so was charged for the meal as a la carte, or your student may have chosen extra food/a la carte items.
  • What is included in a reimbursable meal? All of our school meals include a main entree (meat & grain), assorted fresh or hot vegetables, a selection of fresh and/or canned fruit options, and milk. Our high school and middle school cafeterias offer a choice of two main entree options, sandwich options, Smucker’s P&J sandwiches as well as meat/cheese/cracker tray entrees. Along with an entree, the meal includes a choice of vegetables, grain, many selections of fresh and/or canned fruit, salad bar, and milk. Each student meal includes one of everything, including one of EVERY fruit. If a student chooses more of any one item, he/she will be charged extra (extra pricing can be found on our website.
  • What happens to the remaining money in my student’s account once they graduate? If there are other siblings in the family account, positive or negative money in the family account, will carry over to the next school year. If the senior is the last sibling in the family, parents can request a refund of this money. Parents are asked to contact us via www.cafe110@isd110.org after graduation day until June 30, if they are requesting a refund. PLEASE NOTE: No requests for refunds will be taken prior to the day after graduation. Any remaining money in the last sibling account after June 30, will be automatically be transferred to the Cafe #110 “Plateful Account.”
  • Our family is moving out of the Waconia School District and we would like a refund of our remaining lunch money – how can we get this? Contact us at www.cafe110@isd110.org to request a refund.