School Lunch Program

Eat Smart. Be Smart.
Cafe #110 is all about emphasizing the importance of balancing healthy eating and physical activity for our kids! We
 offer our students a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and we’re using more & more use locally grown ingredients. Our menus & recipes are inspired by our students, staff and current trends. Students need a healthy lunch to give them energy for after-school sports and activities! So, Get in the Game and Eat School Lunch!

Our nation’s school lunch program serves over 31 million children every school day. 
Waconia Public Schools participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program. Schools who participate are required to provide specific qualities of nutrition within 5 meal components: 1. meat/ meat alternate, 2. grains, 3. fruits, 4. vegetables, and 5. dairy. Details and specific requirements are set for each meal component which is planned into your menu by the district’s dietitian. Students wishing to receive the “Meal Price” must fill their plates with three of the five components – one component must be comprised of fruits and or vegetables and be a minimum 1/2 cup portion in order to make the meal qualify as a reimbursable meal. If these components are not met, the items selected will be charged separately.