Edible Classroom

Edible Classroom

Students learn about “seed to table” progression, food security, and hunger issues right in their own backyard through their engagement in the “Edible Classroom” (school garden/orchard). Students personally deliver over 300 pounds of fresh produce to the local Food Shelf every year. 

Students’ engagement in food production through the Edible Classroom includes participation in organic recycling and “Table to Compost” activities, and involvement in community service (several anti-hunger projects).

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Edible Orchard

The Edible Classroom Orchard is adjacent to the Edible Classroom at Clearwater Middle School. The orchard has a variety of trees: apricot, plum, pear, cherry, crabapple and apple. The orchard’s organic produce is used in a variety of cooking, baking and learning projects. Orchard Map